Winter Is Almost Here

The picture is not mine. I went to Google for it. I do not know who took the picture. The hack is mine.


As we all know, winter is almost here. What do we usually get out of storage when winter does arrive? We get our heavy coats,gloves, hats and scarves, right? That’s right, And what usually always happens? The gloves, hats and scarves get separated from the coats,right? Of course that’s right. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have lost at least one of those items, and more times than not, it is one glove that gets lost.

When we first get inside from the cold, our first thought is to GET WARM! We don’t care where we throw our outer gear as long as we start getting warm. Once we are warm and we go to put our outer wear away, we find that something is missing. Yes, it’s the all elusive glove. One glove is with all the other outer wear and one glove is missing. Now where did I throw my gloves in my haste to get warm? This is probably the question that we ask our-self. At least that is the question that I always asked myself. I say asked, because I don’t have to ask it anymore.

I came up with a solution to the problem, a no brainer actually, don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I got one of the reusable cloth bags and hung it where the coats hang. I put the gloves, hats and scarves in it. That way, when I go to get my coat, the rest of the outer gear is right there and all that I have to do is reach in the bag and get out whatever I need for that particular time.

bag that's reusable

The cloth bag should be able to hold all of the small items, and it can be hung up on a coat rack.