Ways To Clean Athletic Shoes

The pictures are not mine. I do not know who took any of them, except for the bleach. The bleach picture was taken by dreamstime.com. I went to Google for them. The hack is mine.


There is more than one way to clean these shoes.  Most people might think that the good old washing machine is the only way to get them clean.  They would be wrong.  If the shoes are white an old rag with some bleach will do the trick very well.  In a hurry, a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser will work fairly well.  Then there is always the very versatile baby wipe.  At some time or another I have used all of them.

old ragbleachMr Clean Magic Eraserbaby-wipes-uses

These shoe cleaning tricks work on the plastic clogs as well.  It’s an adventure to find just what cleaning things will work on other items besides for what they were originally intended.  Classic example, the lemon slice and salt to clean copper bottom pans.  Who would have thought.