Stabilizing A Collapsible Yarn Drum

Recently I bought a yarn bag in which to transport my skeins of yarn. The picture showed a bag that was sitting upright. When I ordered the yarn bag, I wanted one just like the one in the picture, a sturdy one that sat upright.

Bag For Yarn - 2

What I actually received was one that collapses. Needless to say, when I received the yarn drum I was shocked. When I was counting on a drum that stood up by itself, but received one that collapses, I was upset too. Then I looked at the picture from where I had ordered the yarn bag and realized that I had ordered a different one by mistake.

2015-12-26 21.01.46

When I compare them, I actually like the one I bought by mistake better than the other one. The one I bought is actually bigger, because it goes all the way down straight. The other one slants in as it goes down, so the bottom is actually smaller than the top of the bag.

2015-12-26 21.06.45Bag For Yarn - 2

I had to figure out how to make the drum stand up. Immediately I remembered the pieces of Mylar that I had saved. They come in the bottom of all the refrigerator bags that my medication is delivered in. However, over time I only had four of them left. I found out that four was plenty. I will have to start saving them up again for future projects.

2015-12-26 21.01.462015-11-22 14.45.42

First, I measured all the way around the outside of the yarn drum. Next I measured the width and height of the pieces of Mylar. The height of the pieces was just perfect. When I added up the width of the four pieces of Mylar, they were just three inches shy of the total that I measured all the way around the drum.

2015-12-26 21.04.06

Then I put the pieces out on the table and lined them up side by side. I only taped them together on one side. That way the yarn would not get caught on any tape if it happened to rub up against the pieces of Mylar. After taping them together side by side, I sort of rolled them up to insert them into the yarn drum. They fit perfectly.

2015-12-26 21.02.202015-12-26 21.04.49

I am an organization/containerize fanatic. I containerize everything that I can find a container to fit it. So I did this with my crochet stuff too. For Christmas, I bought a tin of chocolates so that I could use the tin once it was empty. After I finished sharing and eating the chocolates, I am now using the tin to help organize my crochet supplies. The tin is large enough to put the Mylar pattern squares in it, as well as the two zippered containers. Now that I have the tin, I just keep the scissors loose in the tin. They are easier to get to in the tin rather than to have to unzip the containers every time I need to use them.

2015-12-26 22.44.50   2015-12-26 22.46.33

A little zippered pouch came with the yarn drum. I put all of my loose crochet hooks in a small pencil like container, and then inside the pouch. I also put a measuring tape in there and one loose plastic yarn needle to finish off the projects with.

2015-12-26 22.47.212015-12-26 22.47.46

I already had a zippered crochet hook organizer. In the organizer I always kept a pair of small scissors, and a package of plastic yarn needles. I now keep them in the tin.

2015-12-26 22.48.192015-12-26 22.48.48

As you might expect from reading about how I am such an organizing fanatic, I organized the yarn drum. The metal tin is in the back inside of a plastic bag. I do this so that the tin won’t get wet if the yarn drum gets rained on while I am carrying the crochet supplies around with me to work on. You will see in the picture that the yarn is in separate plastic bags also. I do this so that the different yarns won’t get tangled up inside the yarn drum, and their crochet hooks won’t catch and pull any other project beside the one that it is attached to.

2015-12-26 21.05.55

When I started comparing the two yarn carriers, I began to like the one that I actually bought quite a bit more that the one that I originally wanted to purchase. Other than the one I actually purchased being bigger, there are four separate places where yarn can thread the yarn up to be able to work with the yarn and not have to have the whole bag open. The one that I originally wanted only has two places where the yarn can be threaded up through the top and be able to keep the bag closed.

Bag For Yarn - 22015-12-26 21.09.28

Even though the pieces of Mylar look like they are too tall to be able to fit into the yarn drum properly, but there is room on the hanging down edge of the lid to pull it over the Mylar and then zip it up as usual. It really turned out nicely.

2015-12-26 21.04.062015-12-26 21.06.45