Some Handy Hacks

Here are some handy hacks that you might use from time to time.

The picture below shows a pool noodle that has been cut and placed on the top area of the side of a door. This prevents little ones from accidentally closing the door on their fingers. Also, by putting it at the top of the door, the little ones can’t reach it and take it off.

Door Stopper

It inevitable that at some time or another you won’t have a clogged drain. This solution comes in very handy. Most households have the vinegar and the baking soda already on hand. Even if by chance you had to go to the store to purchase these two items, it is still way cheaper and takes less time than having to call a plumber to do it. Plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you fixed the problem by yourself. I always fee good about myself whenever I can fix something that is not working properly.

For Clogged Drains

Have a headache/migraine? Submerge your feet and hands in hot/warm water and put a bag of frozen peas at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some/all of your headache.

Headache Relief


Are you losing weight? Is your belt getting too big? Wondering what you can do until you get to your goal weight? I may have a hack to solve your problem. I too am losing weight, and my belt is too big. I don’t want to buy another one until I get to my goal weight.

Believe it or not, I used to be so big, before I started losing weight, I had to put two belts together to even have something to go all the way around me. This was necessary to be able to have a belt to hold the cloth bag that holds my urine drainage bag.

2016-01-10 14.05.27

You have to do some amazing things when you have an artificial bladder, with a catheter coming out of your abdomen, and being hooked up to a 2000 cc drainage bag all the time. I didn’t want people to have to see the bag with the urine in it, and get upset that I couldn’t cover it in some way. I chose to purchase cloth bags that were large enough to hold the drainage bag, and that had handles that I could put a belt through so I could hang it around my waist. I took pictures so you could see what I am talking about.

Here’s a little hack that I am doing for the problem. All you need is a ponytail holder that is the same color as your belt. My belt is brown, so I am using a brown ponytail holder. The pictures are taken with the belt on a bed so you can easily see each step.

2016-01-10 13.49.36

Here’s what you do. Take the ponytail holder and double it up on the buckle end of your belt.

2016-01-10 13.50.09

Put your belt on the way you usually do, and put the end through the loop that is attached to the belt, right by the buckle (The one that is supposed to hold the excess little part of the belt when it is fastened), and let it hang out for a minute.

2016-01-10 13.50.39

Take the extra length of the belt (from where you have been losing weight) and double it back under itself and under the little loop that is attached to the belt.

2016-01-10 13.50.50

Now comes the solution part. Once the belt is folded back under itself and the end of the extra part is under the belt loop, take the ponytail holder that you put on the belt and put it on what is on the end of the belt (where it is doubled over), now you won’t have your belt hanging funny all day.

2016-01-10 13.51.08

The belt is secured and you won’t have to buy another belt until you reach your goal.