Some Easy Easter Hacks

Easter is fast approaching, so here are some easy hacks to help you along.

Kelly Bagnasco had a neat idea on her Facebook. It was on how to make an edible Easter Basket. You will need a piece of sturdy cardboard for the bottom of the basket, boxes of candy for the sides of the basket(the number of boxes necessary depends on how big you want the basket to be), wrapped candy, that is in wrappers so that the candy can be bent, to use for the handle. Hot glue the boxes to the cardboard and to each other, and then hot glue the ends of the bendable candy to the boxes and to each other. Fill the basket with whatever you want, and then watch the children have fun eating the candy out of the boxes and the bendable wrappers. Now you don’t have to worry about storing the Easter Baskets because all you have is empty boxes and wrappers. The picture shows only one box of candy for each side. You may glue as many boxes together as you wish to get the basket as big as what you want it to be.

Edible Easter Baskets

Use a plastic pasta fork when dying the Easter Eggs. The eggs won’t fall off and you won’t burn or dye your fingers. Picture from

A Pasta Fork

Different ways to decorate hard boiled eggs:

1.  Use a crayon to put designs on the egg before actually dying it. The dye will not stick to the wax crayon and will result in whatever design you drew on the egg remaining uncolored after the dyeing is done. Only the places where there was no crayon will be dyed.

2. Use water color paints to draw on the designs. No clothes will be damaged with water colors. Anything that is spilled will easily be washed out in the washing machine.

3. Use small cups to dye one end at a time of the egg. The results will be a multi colored egg instead of an egg with just one color on it. Let them dry in the egg carton on their sides, or in a muffin tin.

4. Use small decals to make pictures on the eggs, or use temporary children’s tattoos for the pictures.

5. Now is the time to use whatever fingernail polish that is left in the bottom of the bottles that you just couldn’t make yourself throw away. Have fun polishing pictures on the eggs.

6. You can use cotton swabs to put the coloring on the eggs in a more controlled way than dunking them. If you don’t have cotton swabs you can make them by taking toothpicks and using cotton balls to wrap some cotton on the ends of them.

7. You can also use finger paints to decorate the eggs.


I have heard that finger nail polish remover will take scuff marks off of white shoes. I have never tried it myself, but some people have said it works fairly well.

When hard boiling the eggs, as soon as they are done, put them in cold water with some ice cubes in it for about 10 to 15 minutes. The eggs should be easier to peel when it is time to peel them. I know that it works when you peel them as soon as you cool them down this way, but I have not tried it after the eggs have been sitting for a day or two.