Remove Glue Residue Left From Labels On Plastic Containers

Now days there are many different items that come in reusable plastic containers. The biggest problem with reusing them is that there is always the sticky residue from the label that was on the container.

I was told that olive oil would remove the residue. All I had to do was to coat the area with the olive oil and let it sit over night. So I did, and sure enough it worked. I am fairly sure that any type of vegetable oil will work if left on the area overnight.

After that I got to thinking about baby of oil and whether or not it could possibly do the same trick. I tried it, and it worked also.

I read that WD – 40 will remove the sticky residue left behind after using duct(duck) tape. Needless to say, if it will remove the sticky residue from duct(duck) tape, it most certainly will remove the sticky residue left behind from plastic container stickers.