Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

The picture is not mine. I did a query on Google to find it. I do not know who took it. The hack however is mine.


The Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, be it the regular ones, the extra strength ones or the kitchen erasers, are really great. I will endorse them to anybody.  They will take off accidentally spilled paint, and/or purposefully or accidental sharpie colors or magic markers.

There have been many second hand dolls that other people have given me for my doll collection that have had the colors on them. I have used the extra strength Mr. Clean Erasers, and almost all of it has come off. Paint has come off as well.

When paint has been on dishes or counter tops or tables, here too I have used the extra strength erasers, and with some elbow grease the paint has come off. I have even gotten it off of and out of sinks. There is no way that I won’t keep them on hand, unless by chance I use them all and it’s not time to go to the store yet. That being the case, more are bought when I go to the store.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser