Life Hacks That Work Well

Some hacks that I really like to use.

  1. Use a banana and the pealing to fix a scratched CD or DVD. – Peel the banana and take a slice of the banana and rub it all over the CD or DVD. Then rub the peeling over the CD or DVD. The scratches are fixed so that the CD or DVD will play.
  2. When you are out of AA batteries, but you have AAA batteries, no problem. Take a small amount of aluminum foil and stick it on the positive end of the AAA battery and put it into the space where you need the AA battery.
  3. You can make a toilet paper holder out of an empty used CD container.                    1. You need a roll of toilet paper.                                                                                     2. You of course need an empty CD container.                                                             3. You will need to cut the middle circle out of the bottom of the empty CD                        container.                                                                                                                    4. You will need to take the cardboard core out of the roll of toilet paper.                      5.You will need to put the roll of toilet paper into the top of the CD container and              take the toilet paper, where the end is sticking out from taking the cardboard              core out of it, and stick it through the opening that you cut in the bottom of the            CD container, and close the container.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Now you have a toilet paper dispenser that you made yourself. Enjoy it when you take it camping, fishing, or just on a road trip and the restroom is out of toilet paper, then you can use your own.


4. I have discovered a way to get ice out of the trays fairly easily. We all know that tap water has stuff like chlorine in it. But did you know that it also has calcium in it? I have found that when I keep the ice trays very clean, about a third of it stays in the trays when I try to put the ice into a container in the freezer. However, when I let some calcium build up in the trays, the ice doesn’t stick in the trays quite as badly as when I clean them out. Maybe three or four ice cubes, out of all of the trays, won’t come out. The white residue in the bottom of the ice trays is calcium. I figure that if we actually drink calcium in milk, eat calcium in milk products and take calcium pills, then having a calcium residue in the ice trays isn’t going to do anything adverse to me.

2015-12-21 22.34.48

I also pay attention to how high I fill each tray. I hope you can see in the trays below just how full I get the trays. the trays have seven rows with two wells in each row. I tilt the trays when I fill them. The water hits right in the middle of the top four wells. I let the wells fill from the running water until the water reaches the fifth set of wells down. When it reaches that point, I take the tray out from under the running water and just let the bottom wells be filled by the tilting of the tray. When I do this and they ice is ready to be popped out of the trays, there are just a few ice cubes that don’t come out. Maybe three or four ice cubes, out of all of the trays, won’t come out. This fact is due to not stacking the trays too high, and letting the calcium build up in the trays.

2015-12-21 22.44.19

The picture below shows the approximate angle of the tilt when I fill the trays. They are just shy of being totally upright, tilting down just enough for the water to get into the wells.

2015-12-21 22.34.002015-12-21 22.34.26

The last picture shows how I stack them in my freezer. I stack three of them side by side and have two layers of ice trays that way. these trays are going from side to side. Then I put two individual trays in on top of the ones you see in the first picture. The second picture shows the last two trays going from front to back on the top of the other two rows of trays.

2015-12-21 22.46.232015-12-22 00.46.23

If I put three rows on top of each other, then the bottom row of ice trays won’t empty very well. A lot of the ice cubes won’t pop out when I try to empty the trays. About one third of the ice cubes in each tray won’t pop out. I either run some hot water over the bottom of the trays or I just let them sit for a little while until the ice cubes melt a little bit and fall on out. Which way I do it depends o how much time I have.