Leg Braces And Under Sleeves

I have to wear long leg braces that go from under me feet clear up to the top of my thighs, and they are a pain to find the correct weight of material for the under sleeves that go under them at the different times of year. In the summer time, I use a very light weight material for the under sleeves under the braces. A friend took a pair of the under sleeves I had to buy and used them for a pattern to make several pairs of under sleeves for me. The under sleeves come from the top of my thighs on down to the middle of my shins. I put my socks on after I put on the under sleeves, that way they cover and keep the bottom part of the under sleeves in place. With my diabetic shoes, I have to wear socks all the time.

In the winter I take a shortcut. That is when I take advantage of the good old long johns. I simply put on a pair of long johns and then put on the braces and I am ready to go. It’s as simple as that. After putting on the long johns, I put on a pair of long socks.

I always have to wear socks in the summer time with the braces because of how the under sleeves are made. But in the winter time, the long johns come almost all the way down to my feet, so the socks don’t have to be very long.