Keeping Christmas Lights Untangled

The pictures are not mine. I did a query on Google to find them. I do not know who took them. The hack however is mine. I have done it for several years now, like since the early 80’s.


That time of year has come to have to check out the Christmas tree lights.  You think this year will be better, because last year you were so careful to wrap them around your arm and back around the space between your finger and thumb.  Then they were placed in the box of Christmas decorations very slowly, as not to make them become unwound. But low and behold, when you go to get them out, they are a total mess.  It would take an act of Congress to get them straight.

Well from now on, that will not be a problem. There are many different plastic cord holders to choose from that will take care of it. They are extension cord holders. Usually they are yellow, orange, black, or green. They have different types of things in or on them to catch the cords(in this case lights) with. You will notice that there is one where a plastic hanger was actually used to hold the lights.

christmas tree light holderchristmas tree lights holder 2cord holder 2cordwizchristmas lights on a holdercord holder 3

  Even though they are officially extension cord holders, they work great to wind Christmas tree lights on. However you will need to buy individual holders for each set of lights. The holders usually are not big enough to hold more than one set of lights.

When I used to be on oxygen, I even used them to wrap the oxygen tubing up on, so I could go from room to room without having to pull the oxygen concentrator behind me.