Ingenious Leftover Container

One day my friend and I stopped at a local sandwich shop.  We purchased the usual; sandwich, chips, drink and dill pickles to eat.  After we had eaten all we could hold of our “Gargantuan” sandwich and the trimmings, there was one very drippy dill pickle left.  I thought for a minute, and didn’t want to ask for a big plastic bag just for one dill pickle.  Well, the idea I came up with really impressed my friend.  The surprise was on me, for I had thought nothing special about the idea.  Apparently, my friend thought otherwise, for the suggestion was made that I should post what I had done on my help website .  So here it is.  The idea I came up with was to wrap the dill pickle a second time in the paper that had been used to originally wrap the sandwich in, and to put it in an empty potato chip bag to transport it back to my friend’s house.  Like I said earlier, no big deal.  But my friend wanted me to post it, so I did.