Homemade DVD and Blue-Ray Storage Trays

This post was originally done several years ago. I don’t have to drink this particular drink anymore. I sometimes drink a newer brand of diabetic drink. Drinks now days come in plastic ring holders, and around six bottles fit in each holder.


As I am diabetic, I usually drink sugar free drinks.  My medical problems are many.  Those two facts are responsible for the invention I am going to explain now, so that you too may be able to make these storage trays.

My physician puts me on the diabetic equivalent to Ensure when my digestive system starts acting up.  This is necessary sometimes for long periods of time.  It is during those times that I obtain the boxes that I convert to make the trays.  What I have to take is called Diabetic Resource.  It comes in cartons of 27 little drink boxes of the drink.  The flavors at that time were chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  There may be more flavors by now though.

The trays come in two parts.  The lid covers the bottom of the carton on all four sides and the top.  The bottom of the carton is cut out deeply on both ends so that the little drink boxes may be removed easily.  Once all the drinks are gone, I take the bottom of the carton and place it into the upside down lid of the carton.  This stabilizes the bottom and reinforces the top as well.  The empty carton is the perfect size for the storage of DVDs and Blue-rays.

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As each carton has the printed information from the wholesaler all over it, it would not look very attractive sitting out around the DVD player.  Therefore the covering is applied. I honestly do not know what I would do if there was not such a thing as wood grain looking contact paper.  It gets used to cover some truly amazing things.  The contact paper has lines on the wrong side of it to help with measuring and cutting the paper.  Always allow about three inches above any side of the box before starting to flip it during the measuring process.  Measure approximately how much of the contact paper you will need by placing the box on the wrong side of the contact paper, and on its own side.  Next you will flip the box from one side, and while pressing hard on the box, so that it doesn’t move, flip the box to the bottom of the box, and while pressing hard again, flip the box to it’s last side.  Each time that the box is flipped, make a slight mark on the paper as to where the box ended up each time.

Take said contact paper and proceed to cover the carton with it.  The slower you go, the smoother the paper will be when it comes in contact with the carton.  There go the name contact paper, because it is self adhesive on whatever it covers.  Act like you were wrapping a gift.  It is necessary to allow extra paper to continue from the outside to the inside for about two to three inches.   By doing this step, you are assured that the paper will not come off of the sides because of constant touching when removing the movies.