Graphite For Opening Drawers That Stick

I did not take the pictures. I Googled to get them. I do not know who took them. The hack is however one that I have used for years. Back then it wasn’t called a hack, it was just what you had to do to make the sticking drawers not stick when they were pulled out.


Back when the basic yellow wooden #2 pencils were popular was when I first learned of this trick.  If there is a wooden drawer that is hard to pull out this trick works wonders.  Hopefully, when you pull out the drawer, you will be able to see scrape marks and know where it is sticking. Then you will know where to rub the pencil point. If there are no scrape marks showing where the drawer sticks, then it will be necessary to do the procedure on the whole side of the drawer. You can see the side of this drawer when it is pulled out.

drawer pulled out#2 pencil

The pencil needs to be very sharp, and a pencil sharpener needs to be handy for when the point gets short. You will need to pull the drawer out and with the side of the pencil point start rubbing up and down on the side or the wooden drawer very quickly.  Shortly the side of the drawer will be covered with the gray graphite from the pencil point.  You will need to be very careful not to touch the gray area, or you will get the graphite all over yourself and your clothes.  Although it washes off of your hands very easily, believe me it is hard to wash out of your clothes.

Try it out the next time you have a drawer that sticks.  You will be very surprised in the difference it will make. By the way, the yellow #2 pencils are very inexpensive. But from what I was taught, it has to be a #2 pencil. The color doesn’t actually matter. I say yellow simply because that was the only color that I ever saw them in back in the 50’s.