Food Storage Containers For Non Food Items

The first two pictures are not mine. I did a query on Google to find them. I do not know who took them. The other pictures and the hack however are mine.


Store bought  large sized food storage containers may be used to store non food items in them. I bought a set of the tall round containers tonight and couldn’t wait to get them home.  Once I got home, I was so disappointed with the containers that I wanted to throw them out.  Of the five, only one will fit on the second or third shelf of the refrigerator.

food containers - tallfood containers 2

After realizing the dilemma, my thinking cap turned on in my head, and I began to really think about other ways the other four containers could be used.  The biggest one now holds cooking utensils and knives.  Going one size down, you will find it being used for the Tide laundry Pods, and the lid is even orange just like the canister that the Tide pods usually are in.  In the third largest container you will find Downy Balls and funnels. Container number four has the smaller cooking utensils in it, like the heat thermometer and the whisk.

Once I figured out another use for the containers besides food, I wasn’t quite as upset as what I was originally. I actually went and bought some shorter containers that were sort of square and brought them home to my friend for him to use them in drawers to store some of his many different computer supplies.

I only hope that someone will be able to use some of the suggestions that I have given. If even only one person benefits, then I have helped someone to have a somewhat easier life.