Empty Baby Wipes Containers

Believe it or not I have even found uses for empty baby wipes boxes. They make good drawer dividers, shelf organizers, and even desk organizers. Best of all, you can remove the lids if you want to, or keep them on in case the container falls so everything won’t come falling out. Most of the containers that I have used have the lids off of them.

baby wipes container 2

In my chest of drawers, whenever I have something small such as the little foot socks (not full socks, they basically only cover the bottom of your foot), I roll them up and put them in one of the empty baby wipe containers. They are also handy for the little sock size hose that ladies wear under slacks.

They can be used in the larger drawers to hold bar soap to keep clothes smelling nice while not taking a chance on the soap staining any of the various materials used in making the clothes.

They come in the handiest in the catch all drawer. And you know we all have one in our dresser or chest of drawers or both.  These little containers can separate a lot of things in those drawers.

On the desk they can corral pens, pencils, erasers, white out tape, and scissors so that they can all be at your fingertips.

In the playroom for those of you who have small children (or any size children – including the big one you are married to) they can corral all kinds of remotes, and all kinds of small pieces to different games.

In the bathroom they can corral the toothpaste, deodorant and shaving gel, or any other things that you can think of on those lines. They can also be used to corral perfumes, colognes and,or after shave lotions.

One of my friends thought that using baby wipes containers to section off drawers for different reasons was such a good idea that he put it into use. He used them to divide one of the drawers in a chest of drawers for his medical supplies. He is a big advocate of being prepared for any medical emergency that may arise, and that just regular people have the ability to use. The picture below shows the result of dividing his main medical drawer with thew containers. The little square containers are from the WalMart versions of Crystal Light. Ink pens and markers fit in them just great. They fit very nicely in most back packs too.

2015-11-22 13.34.07

In the garage the list is endless as to what can be put in these containers.

I am sure that if you think hard enough, you can probably come up with some ideas of your own for both types of containers.