Conversion Of Wash Pans For Desk Storage

I did not take the picture. I Googled to get it. I do not know who did take it. The hack is mine.


At some time or another most people and/or someone in their family could end up in the hospital.  Upon admittance they are given, for lack of a better name, a care package in a wash pan.  These pans are good for many things around the house.  Tonight I made a matching set of storage trays for my friends desk.

hospital wash basins

To accomplish this task it will be necessary to have the following;  a flexible ruler, a black sharpie, and a good pair of sharp scissors such as kitchen shears that cut really well.  First you will need to take the ruler and brace it up against the rim of the pan and draw a line three to four inches up on all four sides of it.  Next take the scissors and cut around the pan on the line that was drawn with the marker.  Finally, take alcohol pads or gauze pads with alcohol on them and wipe off the black marker from the new rim of the pan.  Place them wherever they are needed to hold stuff.