15 Amazing Uses for Cucumbers

Any medical claims here were obtained by doing a little bit of research. I am not medically trained in any way and do not claim to know the validity of any of the medical claims.


Here are some amazing uses for cucumbers. The picture is from www.rareseeds.com



Spice up your 8 glasses per day of water with a slice or two of cucumber. It’s wonderfully refreshing, but there are amazing benefits to cucumber as well. Cucumbers are cooler than you think …


1. Fat busting: Did you know that cucumbers are fat busters and they have a  photochemical in them? Just think about it. When women have swollen eyes they put cucumber slices on their eyes. Why do they do this? Because the cucumbers make the collagen in your skin tighten, thus the lack of puffiness. You can lessen the visibility of problematic cellulite by rubbing it with a cucumber. You can do this anywhere on your body. This is also true for wrinkles. Don’t spend hard earned dollars on miracle creams when cucumbers can do the same thing for chicken feed so to say. When your little one has had a rough day and been crying for hours, you can rub a cucumber under their eyes for a short while and remove the puffy evidence of their crying so long.                                                                                                                

2. Defogger: Don’t get annoyed about the fog on the mirror after your shower. Just rub a slice of cucumber on the mirror before you hop into the shower. It serves a two fold purpose, you have a fog free mirror and a pleasant smelling bathroom. The nice smell helps to boost your mood. Now you’ll be ready when the kids get up with all of their demands for your time.

3. Headaches: Since cucumbers have a high amount of B vitamins, sugar, and electrolytes, they help to beat that headache that’s been threatening to take over. You only need to eat some cucumber. They also replenish the nutrients missing in your body to help you avoid a hangover the next morning when you have had a little too much wine with dinner. Just eat a half of a cucumber before you go to bed.

4. WD-40 replacement: Cucumbers can help to get rid of a squeaky hinge simply by rubbing some on the hinge. Now you won’t have to worry about tearing your house or garage apart yo find the WD-40, just to get rid of a squeak. No more worrying about waking up the baby when you look in on her and the door to the baby’s room squeaks really loudly.

5. Crayon on the walls: Cucumbers make good erasers for the occasional art work on the walls by the budding artist in the family. When the next Picasso draws the next great painting on the wall with the crayons, just rub an unpeeled cucumber on the art work to erase it. But it might be a good idea to take a picture of it first. That way little junior won’t get too upset when he realizes his masterpiece is gone. This method will also work for pen mistakes.

6. Halitosis killer: When you put a slice of cucumber in the roof of your mouth and hold it there with your tongue for 30 seconds, the photochemical in the cucumber will kill the bacteria that is causing your bad breath. This is the same photochemical that helps hide cellulite and reduces the puffiness in your eyes.

7. Tarnish remover: Store bought tarnish removal creams could pose medical issues for the kids as well as yourself. The odor is fairly strong and could cause breathing issues. Not so with cucumbers. When you rub the tarnished area with the cucumber, be it the stainless steel kitchen faucet or any of the stainless steel appliances, it leaves a pleasant smell, the tarnish is gone, the item is streak free, and there is an added benefit for your hands. The cucumber leaves your hands feeling really soft.

8. Energy booster: When you’re feeling tired in the afternoon, don’t go spending a lot of money on energy drinks or Starbucks. All you need to do is grab a cucumber and eat it. The carbohydrates and B vitamins in it are just enough to give you a longer-lasting and healthier boost of energy than anything else that you can waste your money on. This includes soda, coffee, and those health hazard energy drinks.

9. Got The Munchies?: To keep from starving to death and for energy European trappers ate cucumbers. Did you know that? I sure didn’t, before researching cucumbers and their uses. You can eat a cucumber as a healthy choice when the munchies hit, if those big burly manly men can eat one to keep from starving and to give them extra energy. if your theater doesn’t offer healthy alternatives to munching on butter soaked popcorn, slice up some cucumbers and take them in a small plastic container, instead of giving in to the theaters unhealthy offerings.

10. Frugal facial: If you are a frugal person, then this hack is for you. Slice up a cucumber and boil it in a pot of water, let the chemicals inside of the cucumber mix with the steam. After removing the pot from the heat, simply lean over the pot, and let the steam hit you in your face. This will make your skin more radiant and healthy, and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

11. Shoe polish: Would you ever have thought that a cucumber could polish your shoes? Well, guess what? It can. All you need to do is to cut a slice off of your cucumber and rub it on your shoe. Not only will it shine your shoes, but it will also repel water.

12. Pest control: When you happen to be unfortunate enough to have pests in your garden, never fear, the awesome cucumber is here. Put three or four slices of cucumber in a small pie tin and place them in your garden. You won’t smell it, but the chemicals in the cucumbers has a reaction that pests hate. For a whole year, the reaction will drive them from your garden. You only need to replace the cucumber slices periodically.

13. Sunburn: For those of you that love the sun and can’t stay out of it, and for those of you that have little ones that are always getting their sun screen off, this hack is for you. You and/or your little ones are not always protected by your sunblock. If by chance either one of you ends up getting too much sun, and you got too sunburned, but you don’t have any aloe, help is just a cucumber away. All you need to do is rub some cucumber on the sunburn. There are some doctors that even use cucumber to treat irritated skin and sunburns.

14. Blood pressure: In researching uses for cucumber, I found out that cucumber has been used to treat high blood pressure for a long time. If you have high blood pressure, add some cucumbers to your daily diet. Research is also being done into the use of cucumbers for lowering cholesterol.

15. Constipation remedy: As strange as it may sound, cucumber seeds are a natural diuretic. Next time you are constipated, try eating a cucumber. Add a cucumber to your daily diet if you are one of those unfortunate people that suffers from constipation all of the time.


Just Some Personal Hacks

Here are just a few hacks that I use now, or have used in the past.

  1. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, but your hair is oily, use baby powder in it. Sprinkle some baby powder in the top of your hair and wipe your hands over it to get it to cover the oiliest part of your hair. If your hair is white, then you either used too much baby powder, or you didn’t wipe it into your hair well enough.
  2. For those of you that have babies still in diapers, there is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to help with the discomfort of diaper rash. Purchase a bottle of liquid antacid like Mylanta or Mayo-lox and dab it on the diaper rash with cotton balls. This works for the occasional yeast infection in the leg folds, under the breasts, and under the arms as well.
  3. For those of you who crochet, here is something that you may be able to use. I am crocheting scarves for friends and others, and when they start to get long it is hard to keep the scarf on my lap while I am crocheting. I took a storage bag and rolled up most of the part that I had already crocheted and put it in the bag. As I finish each row and go to turn the scarf around to head back in the other direction, the scarf stays rolled up in the storage bag instead of falling on the floor.                                                                                                                                            2016-02-11 22.13.26   2016-02-11 22.14.58                         Lately I have found it really hard to locate any stitch place holders in the stores and so have resorted to safety pins. They work really well. You may see what I am talking about in the picture below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2016-02-11 22.15.19
  4. In the pictures below, you will see how I stabilized my collapsible yarn drum with pieces of Mylar being taped together and then being inserted into the drum. The instructions are in another post of my hacks, “Stabilizing A Collapsible Yarn Drum”. The main thing that I wanted to show here was the newest addition to my yarn drum, the trimmed piece of Mylar that separates the piece that I am crocheting from my other skein(s) of yarn and other crocheting supplies. The last three pictures show it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2015-12-26 21.02.20  2015-12-26 21.04.492015-12-26 21.04.06  2015-12-26 21.06.45                                           2015-12-26 21.05.55  2016-02-11 22.16.45                                          2016-02-11 22.17.28  2016-02-11 23.05.15

Sensible Hacks To Help Keep You Warm In The Winter

Here are a few sensible hacks that cost little or no money to start doing.

When you cook anything in your oven, when you are done, just leave the oven door open. The picture is from http://www.fastcodesign.com/3045845/samsungs-clever-new-oven-door-can-open-halfway

door open on oven

While the oven is cooling down it will also be warming your house up a little bit. It’s free heat. You have already used the oven and the heat will be wasted if you just close the door to the oven when you are done.

After you are done with your shower or soaking in a hot tub, if your mirror is fogged up, then there is heat that can come out in your house when you are done in the bathroom.

bathroom mirror fogged up

Leave the door open while the bathroom cools off. It’s free heat. The bathroom has already been heated up during your shower, don’t waste the heat. The picture of the foggy mirror is from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/110690103314860974/

You may not believe it, but even when you use a small toaster oven, you have heat that can go out in your kitchen and the rest of your house just by leaving the door open after you are done. Once again (broken record here) it’s free heat. Granted it’s not much, but it’s free. You can at least heat up your hands if they are cold.

Draft dodgers are a good way to keep the cold out and the heat in your house or apartment. I had one that went under the door. There was a dodger on both sides with a piece of flat material that went under the door connecting the two sides. It worked really well. I used it for years, until it fell apart. I need to find another one. See picture below. The picture is from https://www.dealsplus.com/Home-Garden_deals/p_74-off-dual-draft-dodgers-for-doors-and-windows-free

Double Draft Dodger

If there are areas in your house that have cold floors you can put a rug down over them. A cold floor lacks heat. When you have a rug there, the rug absorbs the cold from the floor and keeps your feet somewhat warm when you walk on those spots.

Houses that have floor vents in each room can be kept a little warmer by closing some of the vents. Say you have a four bedroom house and each room of necessity has a floor vent in it. One of the bedrooms doesn’t get used. Well, that bedroom is having heat pumped into it and nobody is even there to benefit from it. Close the vent and the heat that would have gone into that room bypasses that room and goes to the two rooms on either side of it. That way, both rooms will be warmer. There is a little knob on one side that you can push to close the vent. In the picture below, the little knob is on the far right side in the last slot by the rim of the vent. It doesn’t stick up very far. See picture below. The picture is from https://ali522.wordpress.com/tag/floor-vents/

floor vent picture

You can take advantage of the sun during the day. On really sunny days, open your blinds, shades, or drapes and let the sun come in. If you have insulated drapes, they can be open during the day and closed after the sun goes down. The insulation will keep the cold out quite a bit. You will be surprised at how well it does. Yes, the drapes may cost more at first. However, they will reimburse you over and over again for what they cost by the savings that you will have in the heating bill.

I used ceiling fans year round to help keep my apartment cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Mine had lights on it and hugged the ceiling, it did not hang down on a chain. It was not as fancy as the one in the picture, but it did have the five blades and four lights. Heat rises, and by running the fan backwards in the winter, it pushed the warm air back down, thereby helping keep the apartment warmer. The picture is on Google and belongs to Press Electric LLC.com.

ceiling fan with lights

Then there is always the choice of putting on a sweater if you are chilly when you are awake, and adding an extra blanket if you are cold at night. Or like the lady in the picture, you can hold a hot water bottle also. Sweater picture by http://www.dailymail.co.uk/  The picture of the lady in bed with a blanket is from www.blanketcentral.com


person wearing sweaterblankets on bed

I hope that these hacks will be useful in helping you to keep warm this winter.

Some Handy Hacks

Here are some handy hacks that you might use from time to time.

The picture below shows a pool noodle that has been cut and placed on the top area of the side of a door. This prevents little ones from accidentally closing the door on their fingers. Also, by putting it at the top of the door, the little ones can’t reach it and take it off.

Door Stopper

It inevitable that at some time or another you won’t have a clogged drain. This solution comes in very handy. Most households have the vinegar and the baking soda already on hand. Even if by chance you had to go to the store to purchase these two items, it is still way cheaper and takes less time than having to call a plumber to do it. Plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you fixed the problem by yourself. I always fee good about myself whenever I can fix something that is not working properly.

For Clogged Drains

Have a headache/migraine? Submerge your feet and hands in hot/warm water and put a bag of frozen peas at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some/all of your headache.

Headache Relief


Are you losing weight? Is your belt getting too big? Wondering what you can do until you get to your goal weight? I may have a hack to solve your problem. I too am losing weight, and my belt is too big. I don’t want to buy another one until I get to my goal weight.

Believe it or not, I used to be so big, before I started losing weight, I had to put two belts together to even have something to go all the way around me. This was necessary to be able to have a belt to hold the cloth bag that holds my urine drainage bag.

2016-01-10 14.05.27

You have to do some amazing things when you have an artificial bladder, with a catheter coming out of your abdomen, and being hooked up to a 2000 cc drainage bag all the time. I didn’t want people to have to see the bag with the urine in it, and get upset that I couldn’t cover it in some way. I chose to purchase cloth bags that were large enough to hold the drainage bag, and that had handles that I could put a belt through so I could hang it around my waist. I took pictures so you could see what I am talking about.

Here’s a little hack that I am doing for the problem. All you need is a ponytail holder that is the same color as your belt. My belt is brown, so I am using a brown ponytail holder. The pictures are taken with the belt on a bed so you can easily see each step.

2016-01-10 13.49.36

Here’s what you do. Take the ponytail holder and double it up on the buckle end of your belt.

2016-01-10 13.50.09

Put your belt on the way you usually do, and put the end through the loop that is attached to the belt, right by the buckle (The one that is supposed to hold the excess little part of the belt when it is fastened), and let it hang out for a minute.

2016-01-10 13.50.39

Take the extra length of the belt (from where you have been losing weight) and double it back under itself and under the little loop that is attached to the belt.

2016-01-10 13.50.50

Now comes the solution part. Once the belt is folded back under itself and the end of the extra part is under the belt loop, take the ponytail holder that you put on the belt and put it on what is on the end of the belt (where it is doubled over), now you won’t have your belt hanging funny all day.

2016-01-10 13.51.08

The belt is secured and you won’t have to buy another belt until you reach your goal.

About Preventing A Blood Clot – Thrombus

About Kelly Bagnasco

Kelly Bagnasco is a great resource for many things; these include great recipes, handy DIY projects, and life hacks that tell about numerous uses for many things. She has given me permission to use any of her posts that I think would be useful for my readers. She has been a blogger that I have followed for years. I even have made a website just for many of her great tips and information about the various uses for things from foods to everyday items that most people have around the house. You will see many of her posts on this website. She is so concise that there is not much else I could say to enhance any of her posts.

These are the opinions from Kelly Bagnasco’s research. They are not necessarily my own opinions, nor are they medical facts by me. I am not a physician and do not claim to know the validity of this post.



If you are like me, and spend a lot of time sitting working on the computer you might want to take the time to read this.

It’s so easy to get caught up with the Internet Frenzy, time goes by so fast when you’re sitting having fun, hours have gone by and you’re still sitting in the same position. GOOD HEALTH IS PRIORITY. Sitting for more that two hours straight without taking a break is unhealthy.

Please read the following and pass it on. Thank you


Blood Clot - Thrombus

They might not sound very life threatening, but a blood clot that develops in the deep veins of your leg, if left untreated and unable to dissolve of its own volition, may detach and travel to your lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism (or PE).

In most cases, a leg blood clot will form due to lengthy periods of travel, for example if you remain immobile in cramped spaces—such as an airplane or bus—with few opportunities to stretch your legs or get up and walk around.

Here are ten signs that you may have a dangerous blood clot in your leg…

1. Redness
A slight discoloration of the skin in the area of the clot is often one of the first signs of is the formation of a thrombus (or clot) deep in a vein.

2. Swelling
Likewise, painful swelling may occur at the site of the clot—particular if it develops in the leg, ankle, or calf area.

3. Warm Skin
Blood clotting will often cause a temperature change—in leg clots it the skin near the area may increase in temperature and become warm.

4. Fainting
Fainting and dizzy spells may occur if the body is unable to dissolve the blood clot naturally, on its own or if it detaches and travels towards the lungs if breathing is labored.

5. Increased Heart Rate
As the leg clot grows in size, the body will attempt to eradicate it and the vital organs, like the heart, will work harder resulting in an accelerated heartbeat.

6. Fatigue
Any illness, such as a blood clot, will have the body’s defense systems working overtime, which may result in fatigue or exhaustion for no apparent reason.

7. Fever
A blood clot, particularly if it detaches and enters the blood stream, may cause a mild fever.

8. Tenderness
Oftentimes the skin surrounding the clot, even though it’s deep within the leg, may become quite tender to the touch with no evidence of bruising on the skin surface.

9. No Symptoms
Approximately half of those experiencing a blood clot in the leg (or deep vein thrombosis) have little or no symptoms at all.

10. Distended Veins
Sometimes a particularly stubborn blood clot will show itself via distention of surface veins in the area of the leg where it’s developing.

Source: activebeat,com

12 Uses For Lavender Oil You May Not Know

Here are 12 personal body uses for Lavender oil that you may not have ever thought about. There is even one for pesky insect bites.

  1. Disinfectant for cuts and scrapes.                                                                                 Did you know that Lavender oil is a disinfectant that “will not kill good bacteria” on the skin. It will clean scrapes and cuts, and has the added bonus that it smells good.
  2. Help for pimples.                                                                                                       Just 1 drop of Lavender oil applied to the pimple inhibits the bacteria that causes the infection & helps bring back the balance to the over secretion of sebum.
  3. Disinfect and sterilize household surfaces.                                                               You can disinfect and sterilize household surfaces with just 10 drops of Lavender added to water in a small squirt bottle. DO NOT USE ON WOOD. Spray on surface and after 30 minutes, the surface will have been disinfected and sterilized. You don’t even have to wipe it off. This will work on surfaces such as:toilets, sink handles, telephone receivers, light switches, etc…
  4. Deter moths.                                                                                                              You can deter moths by hanging little fabric bags or pouches, with a few drops of Lavender oil on them, in your closet and  with your woolens. It’s a deterrent, but not a guarantee that you will get rid of the moths! The bags may be found at the Dollar Store, if you cannot find a substitute at home. This will also refresh your closets.
  5. Anti-fungal properties.                                                                                               According to a TV Doctor, 3 drops of  Lavender oil, when rubbed into the finger or toe nail (several times a day) has anti-fungal properties!  It is necessary to re-apply after washing your hands or bathing.
  6. Soothes minor burns.                                                                                                     After cooling a burn under cold, running water for approx. 5-10 mins (or more), gently apply the Lavender oil to affected area. The Lavender oil should help to lessen the pain of the burn immediately.
  7. Helps relieve insect bite itch.                                                                                       For insect bites, you need only dab on 1 drop of Lavender oil as soon as you realize that you have been bitten. This will soothe the itching and the inflammation.
  8. Aching muscles get relief.                                                                                               You can relieve aching muscles and obtain some much needed stress relief by adding just 4 drops of Lavender oil to your bath. By adding Epsom salt the effect will be enhanced. All you need to do next is to sit back and relax.
  9. Massage for headaches.                                                                                             You can help relieve a headache by massaging a few drops of Lavender oil into your forehead, your temples, nape of neck, and the inside of your wrists. The Lavender oil will also give your bathroom and your house an amazing smell that just lingers there.
  10. Dried and silk flower enhancer.                                                                                       Enhance your dried or silk flowers by adding a few drops of Lavender oil to them. By doing this you will have made your own potpourri. Just do not use this on wood furniture as it may stain it.
  11. Relieve insomnia.                                                                                                       To help to relieve insomnia, add a few drops or give a small squirt of Lavender oil on your pillow case. Close your eyes and have sweet dreams. I have heard of some people using the Lavender buds, in a little pouch inside their pillow case, to achieve the same peaceful sleep. Lavender oil will work to help fussy babies to calm down. You need only add 3 drops of Lavender oil to their bath water at bedtime.
  12. Fatigue blaster.                                                                                                                Last but not least is how to relieve fatigue. Our feet are very porous, so any time we soak our feet, the effect of whatever we use to soak in rapidly goes into our bloodstream. So by adding 5-8 drops of Lavender oil to a foot bath, the effects of the Lavender oil quickly reaches our bloodstream and starts soothing our different body systems