DIY- CAR SEAT CLEANER – Upholstery Hack

This is a before and after picture of how good it works.
NOTE: you might have to do it twice.
Before - After Car Seat CleanerThis works great!

What you’ll need:
* 1 cup of Distilled vinegar
* 1 cup of Club soda
* 1/2 cup of Blue dawn dish washing liquid. (Use more or less if you want!)
* Spray Bottle
* Scrub brush

What to do:
1. Mix everything together in a spray bottle and shake it up really good.
2. Spray on the seats and let soak for 5-10 minutes.
3. Scrub in circular motion with a brush and you’ll notice the stains lift up as you are scrubbing.
4. Take a wash cloth, wet it, and wipe down to remove the soap.

Some Of The Uses For WD-40

I knew that WD-40 could be used for many different things. I thought I would list a few here, so I Googled it.  Boy was I surprised with the results. See the list of links below and pick whichever one you want. I intend on going to all of the lists just to see what is on them. One of the results when I Googled it even said that there are as many as 2,000 different uses for the WD-40, the link for that is . That being the case, it is more efficient to provide the links to some of them.

Searches related to uses for wd40 facebook

After seeing the topics on the list above, I am going to try some out myself. I clicked on a few of the lists and saw that WD-40 removes all traces of duct tape from any surface where it once was, it will remove lipstick from clothes when sprayed on the lipstick and then washed as usual, it will relieve arthritis when sprayed on the painful joint and so on.


Homemade Ice Remover

Kelly Bagnasco is a great resource for many things, These include great recipes, handy DIY projects, and life hacks that tell about numerous uses for many things. She has given me permission to use any of her posts that I think would be useful for my readers. She has been a blogger that I have followed for years. I even have made a website just for many of her great tips and information about the various uses for things from foods to everyday items that most people have around the house. You will see many of her posts on this website. She is so concise that there is not much else I could say to enhance any of her posts.
The picture did not come with this post. I got it off of Google. I do not know who took the picture.
Alcohol and Dawn Ice Remover
This works great and is much cheaper than what you buy in the store! It’s still early so make sure you Share this for when winter really hits!Ingredients:
1 Tspn of Dawn
1 Tblspn of Rubbing Alcohol
1/2 Gal Warm Water