Hacks You Should Know About

Here are some hacks that will help out in multiple areas of your daily life. You should know about these because they are really awesome.

I bet there are a lot of you that have empty CD spindles with lids. Use them to take bagels to work or on a picnic. They are perfect for it. Picture is from www.pinterest.com.

Bagle in CD Spindle

When you break anything glass and aren’t sure whether or not you got up all of the splinters when you swept up the glass, there are two alternatives that you can choose from to make sure.                                                                                                                         The first alternative is to take some damp paper towels and wipe over the area and make sure that nothing comes up on the paper towels. If anything comes up, then repeat the process until no glass shards come up on the paper towels.                                                 The second alternative is to take a strip of heavy duty packing tape and go over the area lightly. I say lightly, so that if there are any glass shards that cling to the tape you won’t cut your hand. If there are any shards, repeat the process until the tape comes up with no glass shards on it.

Heavy Duty Shipping Tape can be used in many ways. Some are listed below. The picture is from products3.3m.com.

Heavy Duty Shipping Tape

To keep from having to buy expensive lint remover roller refills, just tear off some heavy duty shipping tape. The glue is probably stronger on the shipping tape than on the lint roller anyway.

Use the heavy duty shipping tape to clean down in the crevices of your furniture. You can fold it up to make it go in the cracks easier. You will probably be surprised how much dirt the tape brings back up with it.

Use the heavy duty shipping tape to clean around your baseboards, window sills, and doorways. The strong glue can pick up dirt that dust rags can’t.

I used to take the end of a new roll of tape, where the piece of paper is so that you can find the starting edge, and fold some of the tape over and over it to make a holder so that you could always get the end very easily. After discovering the bread tags, I no longer have to go to all of that trouble. Now I can just use a bread tag, after I get my next bread with a tag and not a twist tie. I got the picture off of Google.

Bread Tab Tape Holder

In an earlier blog, I mentioned other uses for bread tag or clips. This one I just heard about today, and found the picture tonight  on Google. It’s says wikiHow on the bottom of it.

Bread Tag Repair For Flip-Flops                                                                                                                                                                                                                         If you have a pair of flip flops that are broken due to a split in the sole, use a bread tag to fix it. It fits around the toe piece perfectly. Glue the tag to the flip-flop right under the bottom of the toe piece. If you are afraid that just one won’t do the trick, then put a second one on it.

Whenever I am hammering a nail is somewhere, I always remember the time when I was trying to put boards down, in the attic where I lived, so that I could store stuff up in the attic. For a pretty good time, I was doing fine, next thing I knew I had whammed my finger with the hammer while my finger was on the top of the nail. The flat top of the nail cut into my finger really bad. My finger started bleeding and wouldn’t stop. I got up to get out of the attic and my foot slipped and my whole leg went through the ceiling right in the living room. Not a very good day. I started using a pair of pliers to hold the nail, whenever I was hammering one in after that. Then I started using a clothespin, because the clothespin would hold on to the nail by itself. There was not a chance that I would miss the nail and pliers holding the nail and hit my hand. I Googled to find a picture of a clothespin holding a nail and found the one below. The picture is from www.realsimple.com. There is also a device at hardware stores with different size slots in it to hold different size nails.

clothespin holding nail

Believe it or not, there are other things that ice trays can be used for besides ice.

Make freezer pops for the kids. Pour fruit juice of drink mixes that have been mixed up into the ice tray. If you catch them just before they freeze you can put plastic spoons in the individual cubes as handles. Put them into water as ice or the drink that the cubes were made out of, so when they melt, they won’t dilute the drink.

cool aid in ice trays

Put coffee into the ice trays for when you want ice coffee, the frozen coffee wont dilute the iced coffee like actual ice cubes will.The picture is from cookinfordummies.wordpress.com

coffee ice cubes

You can put individual eggs into each cube area and freeze them to use whenever a recipe calls for eggs. After the eggs have frozen, put them in a freezer bag and take out however many you need as you need them. It will save a lot of time by not having to crack the eggs at the time you need them. The picture is from www.littlethings.com

cracked eggs in ice tray

You can use the ice trays to hold little miscellaneous things in your junk drawer, or different jewelry items in your jewelry drawer.. Picture is from www.pinterest.com and from thekrazycouponlady.com

ice tray with misc junk  jewelry in ice tray

You can also use ice trays in your sewing box. Picture is from www.nationalquilterscircle.comwww.nationalquilterscircle.com


I hope some of these hacks will come in  handy for you.




Just Some Personal Hacks

Here are just a few hacks that I use now, or have used in the past.

  1. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, but your hair is oily, use baby powder in it. Sprinkle some baby powder in the top of your hair and wipe your hands over it to get it to cover the oiliest part of your hair. If your hair is white, then you either used too much baby powder, or you didn’t wipe it into your hair well enough.
  2. For those of you that have babies still in diapers, there is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to help with the discomfort of diaper rash. Purchase a bottle of liquid antacid like Mylanta or Mayo-lox and dab it on the diaper rash with cotton balls. This works for the occasional yeast infection in the leg folds, under the breasts, and under the arms as well.
  3. For those of you who crochet, here is something that you may be able to use. I am crocheting scarves for friends and others, and when they start to get long it is hard to keep the scarf on my lap while I am crocheting. I took a storage bag and rolled up most of the part that I had already crocheted and put it in the bag. As I finish each row and go to turn the scarf around to head back in the other direction, the scarf stays rolled up in the storage bag instead of falling on the floor.                                                                                                                                            2016-02-11 22.13.26   2016-02-11 22.14.58                         Lately I have found it really hard to locate any stitch place holders in the stores and so have resorted to safety pins. They work really well. You may see what I am talking about in the picture below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2016-02-11 22.15.19
  4. In the pictures below, you will see how I stabilized my collapsible yarn drum with pieces of Mylar being taped together and then being inserted into the drum. The instructions are in another post of my hacks, “Stabilizing A Collapsible Yarn Drum”. The main thing that I wanted to show here was the newest addition to my yarn drum, the trimmed piece of Mylar that separates the piece that I am crocheting from my other skein(s) of yarn and other crocheting supplies. The last three pictures show it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2015-12-26 21.02.20  2015-12-26 21.04.492015-12-26 21.04.06  2015-12-26 21.06.45                                           2015-12-26 21.05.55  2016-02-11 22.16.45                                          2016-02-11 22.17.28  2016-02-11 23.05.15

Hacks For House In Cold

The first hack is a very important one.

To prevent your pipes from freezing, let a little bit of water keep dripping from the faucet, but don’t let it just go down the drain. Take a clean container and catch the water in it and then use it to water your inside plants.

catching water so pipes won't freeze

If you have a crawl space under your house. you can purchase insulation for your pipes to help keep them from freezing up.

For those of you that are new to trailer living, you should put a skirting around your trailer and you might consider putting the Styrofoam insulation on the backside of the skirting for even more protection from the cold. It will not only help with the pipes, but it will help some with the floors not being quite so cold. You can also use throw rugs to help keep the floors a little warmer.

If you are good at sewing or crocheting, and you cannot afford to purchase lined drapes, you might think about making covers for the windows for at night. It will help keep the warmth inside and the cold outside. These can be hung on sturdy tension rods if the covers are very heavy. These are held inside the windows by very strong springs.

Tension Curtain Rod

If the covers are not very heavy, you may be ale to get by with the smaller extension rods. These hold really light weight curtains, or pieces of plastic just draped over them. You use small nails to secure them close to the woodwork on the window.

extension rods

I have used light weight curtains, but they only helped a little bit to keep some of the cold from blowing in. What I liked the best was using sheets of very thick plastic. I used the kind commonly used for drop cloths when painting. I secured it with heavy duty shipping tape. I put it up at all of my windows except for the kitchen. I had to have at least one window that could be raised in case of a smoke emergency when cooking.

Besides putting plastic up at the windows, I also used weather stripping around my doors to keep the drafts out. That worked really well for me. The type I used was similar to the picture below in that it was a very thin metal strip that was also nailed to the door, it was sort of like tin, but it also had a strip of felt next to the wooden door frame right under the metal stripping. It was basically just the top piece that was nailed to the door frame after the felt was nailed to the door frame. That way, when the door closed, the piece of metal would rest on the felt strip that was attached to the door frame. It made a very tight seal. It had to be replaced every couple of years though, where different things would get caught on the door going in and out.

Door Weather Stripping

I hope these cold weather hacks help at least a little bit.

Stabilizing A Collapsible Yarn Drum

Recently I bought a yarn bag in which to transport my skeins of yarn. The picture showed a bag that was sitting upright. When I ordered the yarn bag, I wanted one just like the one in the picture, a sturdy one that sat upright.

Bag For Yarn - 2

What I actually received was one that collapses. Needless to say, when I received the yarn drum I was shocked. When I was counting on a drum that stood up by itself, but received one that collapses, I was upset too. Then I looked at the picture from where I had ordered the yarn bag and realized that I had ordered a different one by mistake.

2015-12-26 21.01.46

When I compare them, I actually like the one I bought by mistake better than the other one. The one I bought is actually bigger, because it goes all the way down straight. The other one slants in as it goes down, so the bottom is actually smaller than the top of the bag.

2015-12-26 21.06.45Bag For Yarn - 2

I had to figure out how to make the drum stand up. Immediately I remembered the pieces of Mylar that I had saved. They come in the bottom of all the refrigerator bags that my medication is delivered in. However, over time I only had four of them left. I found out that four was plenty. I will have to start saving them up again for future projects.

2015-12-26 21.01.462015-11-22 14.45.42

First, I measured all the way around the outside of the yarn drum. Next I measured the width and height of the pieces of Mylar. The height of the pieces was just perfect. When I added up the width of the four pieces of Mylar, they were just three inches shy of the total that I measured all the way around the drum.

2015-12-26 21.04.06

Then I put the pieces out on the table and lined them up side by side. I only taped them together on one side. That way the yarn would not get caught on any tape if it happened to rub up against the pieces of Mylar. After taping them together side by side, I sort of rolled them up to insert them into the yarn drum. They fit perfectly.

2015-12-26 21.02.202015-12-26 21.04.49

I am an organization/containerize fanatic. I containerize everything that I can find a container to fit it. So I did this with my crochet stuff too. For Christmas, I bought a tin of chocolates so that I could use the tin once it was empty. After I finished sharing and eating the chocolates, I am now using the tin to help organize my crochet supplies. The tin is large enough to put the Mylar pattern squares in it, as well as the two zippered containers. Now that I have the tin, I just keep the scissors loose in the tin. They are easier to get to in the tin rather than to have to unzip the containers every time I need to use them.

2015-12-26 22.44.50   2015-12-26 22.46.33

A little zippered pouch came with the yarn drum. I put all of my loose crochet hooks in a small pencil like container, and then inside the pouch. I also put a measuring tape in there and one loose plastic yarn needle to finish off the projects with.

2015-12-26 22.47.212015-12-26 22.47.46

I already had a zippered crochet hook organizer. In the organizer I always kept a pair of small scissors, and a package of plastic yarn needles. I now keep them in the tin.

2015-12-26 22.48.192015-12-26 22.48.48

As you might expect from reading about how I am such an organizing fanatic, I organized the yarn drum. The metal tin is in the back inside of a plastic bag. I do this so that the tin won’t get wet if the yarn drum gets rained on while I am carrying the crochet supplies around with me to work on. You will see in the picture that the yarn is in separate plastic bags also. I do this so that the different yarns won’t get tangled up inside the yarn drum, and their crochet hooks won’t catch and pull any other project beside the one that it is attached to.

2015-12-26 21.05.55

When I started comparing the two yarn carriers, I began to like the one that I actually bought quite a bit more that the one that I originally wanted to purchase. Other than the one I actually purchased being bigger, there are four separate places where yarn can thread the yarn up to be able to work with the yarn and not have to have the whole bag open. The one that I originally wanted only has two places where the yarn can be threaded up through the top and be able to keep the bag closed.

Bag For Yarn - 22015-12-26 21.09.28

Even though the pieces of Mylar look like they are too tall to be able to fit into the yarn drum properly, but there is room on the hanging down edge of the lid to pull it over the Mylar and then zip it up as usual. It really turned out nicely.

2015-12-26 21.04.062015-12-26 21.06.45