Some Smartphone Hacks and a DIY Tablet Holder

Here are some hacks you can use with your smartphone. Hope some of them come in handy for you. There is also a hack on how to make a tablet stand you can use to watch movies in bed.

Make use of plastic storage bags. Whenever I go out when it is raining, I try to remember to put my phone in a plastic storage bag. The bags are handy if you are going to a pool to keep water from getting into it. Use one if you are going to the beach to keep the sand out of your phone. Picture is from


If you need a little more sound than what you are getting from your phone, just put it in a glass or a cup and the sound will be louder. Picture is from  You can also use a toilet paper roll. Picture is from

Cell Phone In Glass  cell phone in toilet paper roll

Do you need a flashlight in a pinch and don’t have one, but you have your phone, use  the your camera light on your phone. Picture is from


For those that own cassette tapes, you know that the cases to them will stay open when you take the cassette out. After your tape has messed up, hang on to the plastic case. You can use it for a stand for your cell phone. Picture is from

cell phone in cassette case

To make your own phone stand, take a toilet paper roll and cut out a space in the center of it, you have a stand for your phone. It can also be used for a speaker. Picture is from

cell phone in toilet paper roll

People that have trouble remembering where they park their car have a solution now. All you have to do is take a picture or pictures so that you can see where you parked. If you are in a parking garage, take a picture of the level number and if possible, the space number. If you are in the parking lot of a shopping center or store, take a picture facing the store, and then take one looking out at your car. Between the two pictures, you should be able to tell where you parked.

When you need to charge your phone, but all that you have is the cable, try to find a TV that has a USB port on the side or the back of it.  Plug your cable into it and charge your phone. Notice the USB IN port towards the top center of the picture.

2016-02-23 00.56.48

There is a way to have a tablet holder so you can watch movies in bed. You need to get an adjustable computer stand and some kind of small storage container. I used the one where I had sewing supplies in it. Set the stand where you will be able to see the tablet easily, put the tablet on the computer stand and then put the storage container behind it and you have a tablet stand. I did this just this past weekend when I was trying to figure out how to watch movies from the tablet while in bed. See pictures below.

2016-02-22 01.59.47  2016-02-22 02.00.00