Hacks For Powdered Drink Mixes

Transporting Powder Drink Mixes

There are many types of drinks that come in powder form, among them are protein drinks, weight loss drinks, hot chocolate, lemonade, fruit flavored drinks, etc. One problem that comes up is how to transport them for individual servings when you aren’t at home. The answer just may be in a baby formula dispenser, or a pill storage tower. See pictures below.

The two pictures below are powdered baby formula dispensers. They have three or four sections in them to put the correct amount of powdered formula for each bottle that you need to fix while you are away from home. The powder drink mixes may be transported in these also. You could put a different flavor in each section if you wished to.

Baby Formula Dispenser Powder Baby Formula Dispenser

The picture below is a pill storage tower to transport pills in. Each different color is a different section and unscrews from the one under or on top of it, which ever the case may be. There are so many because there are some pills that need to be taken three times a day and others that need to be taken four times a day and so forth. But they are also good to put powder drink mixes in them to carry with you. The main drawback is that there is only one lid for the tower. The bottom of each section after the first one is the lid for the next section. You can carry as many flavors as you want for as many sections of the tower that you want to take with you. The second picture below is a 3 ounce storage container to take salad dressing in in your lunch. It works really well with powder drink mixes too.

Dispenser For Pills2016-01-25 22.42.10

Mixing Powder Drink Mixes

Are you tired of your pitcher getting so many bubbles in it while you are mixing the powder in it for your flavored drink? Well, I have a solution for you. All pitchers have a pouring spout made into them.

Plastic Pitcher

Once you have put the powder in the bottom of the pitcher and have added the initial water necessary to mix the powder in it, the rest of the process just makes more bubbles the more water you add to it. To eliminate the bubbles, simply turn the water on about half force, not full force, and let it flow down the pour spout and on down the side of the pitcher that you are mixing the drink mix in until the pitcher is full. There will still be some bubbles, but not as many as if you had run the water into the pitcher full force not using the spout.

Extending The Amount Of Drink

There is a way to extend or add to or increase, whichever way you want to put it, the amount of your drink without watering it down. After you mix up each drink, you can pour it into ice trays and freeze it. Once it has frozen, you can then put them in a one gallon freezer bag for later use. Label on the bag what flavor the ice cubes are. The next time you drink that flavor of drink, you can use the ice cubes made from the drink to keep the drink cold. As the flavored ice cube melts, it only adds to the drink itself and does not water it down.