Welcome readers. This website is specifically to bring you different ways to do things that should make your life easier. These are commonly known as life hacks, just in case there are people out there that do not know what another name for a short-cut is. I hope you will find many of them that will help you.

On this website, you will find some hacks that I have come up with for many different things. Like they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I needed ways to make certain areas of my life run more smoothly, so I invented them. Some of the areas are: household, medical, laundry, and even cooking. There are even some for fun things.

Some of the hacks are not mine, but those that others have come up with. I read them, or watched videos of them, and felt that they were really good hacks and needed to be shared.

The website will also have videos from time to time. Some are videos that I did showing, how I did whatever life hack that I am wanting to share with others. Other videos are from other people that also have life hacks. There will be many times where I feel that pictures will enhance the effects of the life hack. Any pictures that are not mine, or that did not show up on other people’s hacks, will be noted. All of the pictures will come from an inquiry to Google for whatever it is that I need a picture of. I hope that you will agree that the picture does help with understanding whatever the hack is about.

Hope you enjoy them.