A Dozen Simple To Do Life Hacks

Here are a dozen hacks that you can do easily.

  1. Instead of buying tube rollers to roll up tubes, such as toothpaste, as you use them, use a bobby pin. Start rolling up the tube at the bottom, flattening the tube as you go up. Put the bobby pin through the middle of the part where the tube is being rolled up.
  2. Have some new shoes that are too tight? – Here’s an easy way to break them in. Put on a thick pair of socks and then put on the shoes. Now take a hair dryer and hold it near the tight spots for about five minutes. That’s all it takes to stretch the new shoes out where they hurt your feet.
  3. When your sink isn’t big enough to hold the container you need to fill – an easy way to fill it is to take a new(as in never been used) dust pan that has a handle on it that fits around a broom. Put the dust pan part under the faucet in the bathroom. Have your container under the handle right where it sticks over the sink. When you turn on the water, the water should flow off of the handle of the dustpan and right into the container with no problem.
  4. You may have a toilet cleaner, that doesn’t stink, in a strange place in your house. Why do I say this? Because it may be in your refrigerator. What is it you may be asking by now? Well, it’s none other than Coca Cola. It will take the stains out of your toilet. Just pour it in and let it sit for a up to an hour. Clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush, and then flush the toilet. That’s it, and you have a clean toilet.
  5. Not enough room in your microwave to heat up two small bowls at one time? Use a cup that is as tall as the bowls are, and put it beside the first bowl. Take the second bowl and put it on top of the cup so that it can heat up at the same time as the first bowl does. Space problem solved.
  6. Easy way to only toast the outside of your sandwich bread. Put two slices at the same time in just one of the slots in the toaster. The outside will be toasted and the inside will be warm, but not hard and toasted. The inside of the two slices of toast will be soft.
  7. Do you want to heat up you leftovers evenly at the same time? Put a small open circle in the inside of whatever you are heating up. This is sort of like making a well in the middle of the mashed potatoes for the gravy.
  8. To absorb any possible spills in the bag in the kitchen or bathroom trashcan, put a few layers(like two or three sheets) of newspaper in the bottom of it. The newspaper will absorb the liquid very easily.
  9. There are two ways to steam wrinkles out of a shirt – One way is by running a hot shower and keeping the bathroom door closed so that the steam won’t escape, then hang up the shirt until the bathroom cools off.
  10. Keep aerosol spray cans organized and out of the little ones hands – use a hanging bag that holds shoes and hang it up on the back of a closet door.
  11. Always find the ends of a rolls of tape – put paper clips on the cut end of the roll of tape. Never have to keep turning the roll of tape around and around to find the end of the tape any more.
  12. Keep your water bottle cold longer – when you go to fill your traveling water bottle, just fill it about a fourth of the way and lay it on its’ side in the freezer. After if freezes, and right before you leave the house, fill it with cold water from the refrigerator. The ice that is down the side of the bottle will keep the rest of the cold water colder longer.